The Blank Canvas

We are all born as blank canvas, an empty space where we can create a Van Gogh or just scribbles. As time passes and as we add years and experiences to our lives, a painting begins to be created until we get to the point where we can no longer see any blank spaces on the canvas, until everything is covered.

The blank canvas is our soul, our peacefulness, our inner spirit, the inmost nature of our being and the paint that covers it is our surface mind, our day to day experiences, our struggles and challenges. But if we just remember that beyond the challenge of the moment, beyond the thing that’s not working today, we have the peace, the joy, the beauty that is always there no matter what we overlay on it, then we become free, because then, in that moment, we finally understand that there is nothing that can bring us down unless we let it bring us down.

We are powerful beyond measure and our power lies in the blank canvas.

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