About Beauty and Being Beautiful

I recently ran a Ropes Course with a leadership group in which most of the people had a recurring story in their lives. They believed the couldn’t get certain things in life or even more that that didn’t deserve them because they didn’t see themselves as being beautiful. So I took a shot and I asked them what beauty meant to them. Most of the answers were in the area of physical beauty and what was even more interesting was that they believed there is a universal idea of beauty, but at the same time they had very different ideas about what that meant. So they believed they were not beautiful, but at the same time they had no idea what that meant.

I’m here to bring another perspective on what beauty means. It is my personal belief so I don’t propose it as a universal truth, but just as a new way of looking at things. I believe that beauty is being in complete harmony with the Universe – that’s where out light and our value comes from.

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