Vibrate your Love

Everything in life is love, vibration and energy, but what is the actual vibration of unconditional love. What frequency does the current running through our body have when we allow ourselves to love unconditionally? How do we measure it? Can we measure it? How do we define it?

In ancient Greece they called it Agape – the divine love, in India it was Metta – loving-kindness, the Bible refers to it as the love that God has for us and that unconditional love can only be God, but I say it is the level of awareness where we are able to honor and appreciate the beauty in ourselves and in everything around us, without judgments, conditions, considerations, when we respect ourselves and the others so much that no foul thoughts may enter our souls.

Once we get to the level of consciousness that allows us to feel the vibrations of agape and remain in that frequency then the entire world will benefit from this. When we allow ourselves to love unconditionally, we are the first who benefit from freedom, the joy, the exhilaration that comes from it.

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