The Power of The Mind

Before starting the yoga class a couple of days ago, I made a commitment that I will move through the class joyfully and happily. What showed up is nothing short of amazing. I was moving freely and my body was collaborating with my mind to go further, to push for more, to go as much as I can in a posture and to enjoy it, to be grateful for being in that class and connecting my body and mind in one single unity working together, sharing the joy and the love within me. Not only did I notice the changes that happened for me as I decided to allow the joy to flow, but after the class a few of the people that worked around me in class told me that I vibrated energy towards them and that they were able to focus better by tuning in to me heightened vibration. I received thanks and gratitude for being in contribution to the class and by loving myself so much as not to suffer during the class, but to embrace every posture with joy and gratitude, to notice every feeling in my body and work with it rather than push against it. Some postures may be a bit painful, but I can choose to embrace the pain until there is no pain, instead of trying to get rid and push against the pain at every step.
I left the class recharged, energized, happy and grateful. What a wonderful way to be!

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