You can’t be with someone else until you can be with yourself

I was coming back home after an amazing yoga class when I met this really beautiful woman on the subway. She was sitting next to me, holding a beautiful baby girl, that for some reason kept reaching for my hand and smiling at me. We started talking and it seemed as if the woman was just hoping for someone who would be open to listen to her. I barely said a word, while she told me about her life, about being a single mom, about the challenges that she’s had and about the fact that she had just broken up with her boyfriend because although he was a good man, he was not the good man for her.

She said she couldn’t be with someone else until she could be with herself. I asked her where she had learned that from. The answer almost brought tears to my eyes. A friend of hers, who had taken a Ropes Course somewhere outside NY had told her that when she was having trouble in her previous relationship. The friend had learned it from the facilitator of the Ropes Course…the facilitator was…me…

2 responses to “You can’t be with someone else until you can be with yourself

  1. whoa. i’d give one year’s worth of christmas presents to hear [the equivalent of] that from someone. it must be amazing to be given such a reward:)


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