I see you…

Ever since I saw Avatar last night, I’ve been trying to find the best way to write about it. I was left with a distinct feeling of joy at the end of the movie after a roller coaster of feelings that surged through my body throughout the movie: a smile that filled my heart, a tear making its way in the corner of my right eye and then rolling silently down my cheek, an immense feeling that the movie was entering my soul, connecting with my very being and somehow almost reading what was inside my heart and putting it on screen.

A beautiful world, with beautiful creatures reminding me of the underwater world, of the peace that takes over my heart whenever I find myself underwater, the energy, the communion between all living things, the silence, the colors, but then it was so much more than that. It was a glimpse of the world as I see it, a glimpse of a vision of a planet in which we all understand that there’s more to us than meets the eye (I see you, the real you, the one that is deep inside your soul, not the facade that you put up as a shield to protect youself from the outer world) and that there’s more than us, that we are not above the other species, but that we are together with them, a planet in which we don’t destroy what we don’t understand, but we commune with it, a planet in which we love ourselves enough to get to the point where we can love everything else.

A vision of humanity, but the real humans were not the Earth people, a metaphor of how we’re living right now, destroying ourselves and everything else around us, the real humans were the Na’vi, a population living at high vibration with the universe, emerging from it, but at the same time being a part of it, understanding that they are all energy vibrating at different frequencies and knowing that when those energies match is when they choose themselves. That’s how a Na’vi chooses a Banshee (and the Banshee has to choose him back as there is no commitment that can be made without both parts agreeing) and that’s how a man and a woman choose each other. They must vibrate at the same frequency and be able to connect their souls in order to create a bond and once the bond is created, it can never be destroyed.

It also reminded me of Wall E. Not because of the animation or the 3D, but because it showed one more time, the power of one determined individual. Wall E succeeded in bringing people back to Earth and begin rebuilding it, just by being himself and keeping his eyes on the goal no matter the challenges that appeared in his path. He became the leader, not because he was different from everyone else, but because he believed in himself more than anyone else. Maybe from that point of view, he was different. Jake Sully becomes the leader of the Na’vi, by believing in himself and believing in the power of his mind, his determination and his love. What’s interesting to me is that most people believe that things like that only happen to chosen people, that you have to be somehow special, with a divine gift to reach that level. We sell ourselves short by believing that as we are all special in that sense. We can all be Wall E or Jake Sully if we choose to believe in ourselves enough that we are willing to put everything on the line to get it, to go all the way and give it our absolute best in order to get what we want.

Yes every person is born twice: there’s the physical birth that allows us to come into this world in a human form to manifest the energy through our life, our desires, our joys and our happiness. And then we are born again spiritually when we understand that we are part of a greater source of energy, that we are surging with vibration, that we have electrical currents running through every cell of our body and that our body is our vehicle in this world. That’s that moment when we stop working against ourselves, when we stop abusing our body with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, junk food and all the things that modern society has invented that are destroying our vehicle step by step and minute by minute. Some people are never born the second time and they live half dead for their entire life, never realizing their full potential, never acknowledging that they are worth so much more.

The Na’vis also reminded me of the ancient societies, the people who could still read the signs of nature, who understood them, who didn’t encapsulate themselves in concrete and steel. Eyra is Gaya, the Gaya that all humans used to believe in, the Gaya that all humans used to honor, it is the Earth that connects us, like a giant motherboard with thousands and thousands of processors connected to it, all functioning in harmony, all working together.

I do see you…I see inside your heart, I feel your vibration, I recognize your energy and I want to live in a world where we raise each other’s vibrations, where unconditional love bonds all of us like a well tuned musical instrument that releases the vibration in the air, for our ears to capture and our souls to feel.

I see you…and I know you to see me too…
I choose you…and I trust that you will choose me too…

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