You can’t be happy all the time…or can you?

In the past couple of days the idea of happiness and choosing to be happy seems to be a recurring theme of the conversations that I have with different people so here’s my take on that. Yes you can be happy all the time, but you have to work really hard at it. It’s like wanting to have great abs all the time – well you have to work out pretty much every day to achieve that and then at least a couple of days a week to maintain it. So it’s not an easy job. Is it worth doing it, though? For some people it’s not, so they decide to just flow with the current and be happy when there are reasons to be happy around them and be bummed, sad, pissed off, anxious when they feel they have a good enough reason to feel that way.

But what if no matter what happens, you choose to focus on the things that make you happy. What if every day you are happy just because you are alive? Would you rather be dead? I suppose not, since you are still alive and reading this. Would you rather be someplace else or have your live be different? Maybe. Probably. Most of us are unable to live in the present and experience the joy of the moment, but we live either in some memory of a past that we believe is better than the present or a future we hope for and we imagine and dread at the same time. Sometimes when I’m doing yoga, I achieve that level of perfection when I’m enjoying the moment, feeling everything that my senses are receiving and my brain is processing, without thinking about what I’m going to do after class or that maybe I forgot to make a phone call or send an email before class. And sometimes, I clear my mind just enough to fall into myself, to acknowledge and appreciate myself, to be grateful for who I am and what I’m capable of doing.

So you know what I do when those feelings of sadness, anxiety, frustration and whatever else find their way into my heart? I choose myself happy. Is it that easy? Yes it’s that easy and that hard at the same time. Because it’s not about shutting yourself off and blocking everyone else out, it’s not about being insensitive to other people, it’s about realizing that every single minute, there is nothing more important than you. You are the most important person in your life. There’s this thing in the Matrix, when Neo is fighting the agents at the end and he realizes that no matter what The Oracle said, he is indeed The One. In that moment, time stands still and everything around him is transformed by the power of his mind. He stands up straight, with his arm stretched out in front of him and his palm facing the agents while they shoot at him. He is able to stop the bullets and then let them drop on the ground. We have the same power with the arrows that other people throw at us or with the feelings that we don’t want as part of our lives. We acknowledge their presence and then we stop everything that we don’t want around us, not by being resistant to them, but by realizing that nothing and no one can hurt us unless we let them. Most of the times, what people say has nothing to do with us anyway, they just project their own frustrations on the first person they encounter…and sometimes that person happens to be us.

Yeah, it’s hard work, but we are so worth it. So to all of you that I’ve spoken about this with and to all of you that I haven’t had the chance to talk about this, CHOOSE YOURSELF HAPPY BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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