Every day is the anniversary of a moment that changed your life that maybe hasn’t happened yet

We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries of the first date, the wedding, the first time we did anything that we believe is worthwhile, but what we don’t realize is that every day is the anniversary of something. We tend to remember the things that we believe matter and more than once we make the celebration even more important that the event that started the whole thing.

And every year, somewhere in our heart without even knowing, our soul celebrates birthdays of people that haven’t been born yet, deaths of people that haven’t died yet, events that changed your life that haven’t happened yet.

Do you remember what you did on January 10th 2009 or 2008? If today is your birthday or some kind of anniversary that you hold dear in your heart, then you probably do. But if January 10th 2009 was just another day, you probably have no recollection of it. Last year, on this very weekend I was deciding to change my life. How do I know that? Because, I was at a point in my life when I realized I was living the life of everyone else around me, but I wasn’t living my own. Pretty complicated, right?

So if every day is a celebration, then today we decide what we are going to celebrate a week, a month, a year from now. When you look at it from that perspective, what do you want to be celebrating a year from today?

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