Is it in our DNA?

I’ve never considered myself a girlie girl. I’ve never met a man I couldn’t talk to, work with or be friends with. Somehow I seem to have the capacity not to annoy them until they’re driven out of their senses like most women do. If I do a head count, I notice that most of my friends are men and usually 9 out of the last 10 people in the call list on my phone are men. I cannot, for the love of God, have a conversation about men in the same way that I hear a lot of women talk about them, I’m not impressed by a Valentine’s day full of chocolate and flowers (although I do love chocolate); I can never go shopping with another woman, because I get bored waiting for her to look at the same sweater 5 times and try it on 10 times because maybe it looks different in another mirror. I don’t believe a man is supposed to open the door for me or carry my bag (unless it’s actually too heavy for me to carry, but then again maybe I shouldn’t carry with me a bag that heavy), change the light bulbs, do all the manly jobs around the house (whatever that means), bring me flowers, become a helpless puppy when he messes up or do other ridiculous things that women expect, but never really ask for. As for the men I’ve dated, somehow I’ve always seen them as friends and then something more, but I always thought about building the friendship and the trust relationship and then the something more. And yes, I believe that men are allowed to look at other women. We look at other men, too, we just don’t admit it, or at least we don’t admit it to them. And yes, they’re also allowed to go out without us and do whatever feels right to them in that moment and so are we. I actually feel sorry for the men who basically have to submit a report about where they were, what they did and with whom, when their girlfriend/fiancee/wife was not around.

And yes, I do have an older brother ;-).

So, yes, I may not be the average woman, but…there’s always a but…put me in front of a screen and play a movie that touches my heart (something that is not particularly hard to do) and I will cry and cry and cry…yes I cry at movies. I bet all the men who read the first paragraph were about to email the post to their girlfriends, but now…it’s all ruined. I mean, I can’t even remember a movie that had some kind of emotional scene in it and I didn’t cry. So then, I ask myself, is it in our DNA to just completely fall for romantic, emotional, heart twisting crap? I mean really, I felt a tear forming in the corner of my eye when I heard the whole thing with “I see you” from Avatar or when a friend of mine told me that when he looks at me, he doesn’t see me, he sees only light because that’s what I bring to him. And don’t even get me started on music…I’ve got a few songs in my mind that will literally make me cry a river.

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