An angel in motion

Exactly one year ago she walked into a room full of people that had just discovered how to tap into their full potential and said: “You think it was chance that saved those people today on the Hudson?” We all knew it wasn’t about chance, but about the determination of one individual who believed so much in himself that he decided he’s not willing to give up.

I remember her energy. She was somehow glowing and I remember her smile of care and appreciation when I shared my story and I declared what I am doing. Along the journey, I’ve seen her snap at me and tell me off so many times when I was not living in my highest self and then I remember her face when I told her that I want to be an experiential learning facilitator and that I would train as a Ropes facilitator with Steve. Her face lit up and I could see a smile appear in the corner of her mouth. She was proud as only a parent can be of her child and I felt her love embracing me. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but she believed in me so much that I didn’t even bother to question my belief in myself.

I remember her telling me that I’m arrogant and that I’m made of ice – she was the first person who made me realize that putting walls in front of my heart doesn’t mean that I won’t get hurt, it just means that other people won’t see me when I get hurt…that’s why no one was willing to support me when I was down – I was pushing everyone away, while saying that I want them around.

And then I remember her feedback on the last day of the advanced…she told me that I was one of the most powerful, passionate, loving and determined persons she had ever met, that I have a power beyond my imagination and I need to let my love out. Over the next 3 months, I actually understood what she meant by that…my unconditional love was my immense power and she could see that through all the layers and walls that I had put up.

She had this beautiful smile and you knew when her eyes smiled, it was because she was proud of you, that you finally got it, you finally understood that there’s more to you that your fear and resentment and whatever else was stopping you for being your most awesome self.

She was a Trusting, Powerful and Giving Woman and her energy still lives in all the souls that she’s touched.

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