Mentor me to the end of time

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person who support you, a coach, a champion who never gives up on you, even when you give up on yourself. It’s that one person in your life who not only believes in you, but also teaches you how to believe in yourself and how to discover yourself.

I met my first mentor when I was 21. An amazing friend, a person who looked beyond all the walls and the masks that I had put up and saw me. But I wasn’t ready for him. Although I loved him, I thought that at times he was mean to me because he wouldn’t let me wallow in self pity and doubt, because he would always demand the best from me…I thought that was cruel, I wanted to be a victim and to have people feel sorry for me because in that way I would never have to strive for excellence. I was 21, I wasn’t ready to get the message. But he never gave up and he would always find new and improved way to make me get it even if that meant not talking to me for a while or not helping me when I thought I needed help – guess he knew I could do it on my own. And here I am, years later, we have become each other’s mentors. We coach each other and we hold each other in our highest possibility.

The second mentor in my life I met only last year and this time I was ready for him. Actually this time, I asked for him in my life. I was going through a challenging time, when everything I knew to be true until then was falling apart. I hadn’t learned yet that the only truth is the one inside my soul. I didn’t want to fight my mentor, as I had done with my first one; this time I was open, this time I was ready to be all that I could be.

After a while I realized that every person I have in my life is a mentor in a way. Sometimes you get ahead with the support of people who root for you and sometimes you get ahead because of all the people who challenge you and tell you that it can’t be done.

The most important lessons that I learned from my mentors:

1. I have the power to choose. And when I choose from a powerful place, I’m willing to take the consequences of my choices.

2. All the answers are already inside me. All I need to do is look deep enough because sometimes they’re buried under layers of other stuff.

3. I matter, therefore everyone else matters too, but nevertheless I matter most :).

4. Never ever give up on myself.

And now I’m a mentor myself and in my moments of doubt I ask myself, who am I to mentor other people, to coach them into discovering their higher self? And then I remember that I am the person who has made that journey, who has walked and is walking the walk, who knows without a doubt that the only place you can look for answers is inside yourself, the person who is clear that the message is not what you say, but how you say it. So yes, there may be times, when I don’t have an exact answer for the people I’m coaching, but I will work with them until we find the answer and I’m the person who will stand for them until they get up to stand for themselves and will continue standing with them, believing in them and never giving up on them.

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