Excuses, stories & all that stuff that keeps us stuck

We all have them, we all use them and we can all become trapped inside them. Yes, I’m talking about excuses, but not the excuses we had when we didn’t do our homework in school or when we’re late for an appointment, but the excuses that keep us stuck in our lives.

Because, you see, it’s not our fault, it’s because our parents, our friends, our genes, other people, God did something to us, therefore there’s only so much we can do. So we keep using those excuses over and over again because it’s so much easier to stay stuck there, feel like a victim and have people feel sorry for us, then to stand powerful in spite of what happened and walk on.

I’m not saying we haven’t all been through some stuff that…well maybe it would have been better and definitely a lot easier if we hadn’t…but most of us hold on to that moment and throw off our entire life just because: my parents didn’t love me enough, I’m too rich or too poor, I was born in the wrong side of town, or maybe the wrong town altogether, because our boyfriend/girlfriend dumped us, because of all the reasons in the world. And again, I do want to acknowledge all those things because in the end no one deserves to suffer and no one should go through the pain of having something like that happen to them. And with that said, we all have two options:

1. Stay stuck in that feeling and basically relive the moment over and over again until it becomes the story of our life

2. Acknowledge the moment, the challenge and find reasons to move forward, to go further in spite of all that happened.

I believe one of the most often used excuses is the one about our physical appearance and how there’s nothing you can do because it’s in the genes. I’ve heard so many people tell me that the reason they’re overweight is not because they eat too much and unhealthy and because they never ever exercise, but because it’s an issue with their liver, pancreas, hormones, genes and all of that. Well here are the facts, 1 in 4 Americans is overweight, yet out of those only about 0.5% are overweight because of a hormonal imbalance. So my question is this: do you want to be overweight your entire life and blame it on some issue that may or may not exist or do you want to be at your ideal weight no matter the challenges?

You either have excuses or you have results! And you get to choose every day which ones you want to have.

One response to “Excuses, stories & all that stuff that keeps us stuck

  1. I agree. I think this might prove that we’re all victims of the placebo effect. How can you otherwise explain that something fake–like our beliefs, which in this case act like a perverted placebo–dictate how are lives, which are the reality, look like? I believe there are instances where we trick ourselves to think that a placebo, something unreal, be it a sugary pill, a belief, a fallacy, a lie someone told you about who you are and how you are, shapes our reality. The good news? We can always stop taking the placebo :).


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