10 things I learned

In the past couple of months I’ve been doing a lot of coaching, counseling and mentoring and have been also coached, counseled and mentored by some amazing people and here are a few things I learned:

1. You can’t do for people what they are unwilling to do for themselves.

2. Some people like going though the motions, talking about it, sometimes complaining about it, but never taking any action to change.

3. To be a great coach, you need to listen, listen, listen (but not get enrolled in the story), be patient, patient, patient and be willing to not be liked at times ;)… those times when you call people on the habits that are not really working for them, but are keeping them in that comfort space.

4. Without action there will never be any change…talking is good, but doing is so much better.

5. Never let a lie or an excuse go unchallenged. The more you allow the excuses, the more you support the other person in staying the same or even getting worse.

6. Sometimes the best support you can give doesn’t look like support at all and sometimes what looks like help is actually disabling and dis-empowering.

7. The learning process is different for everyone. Some people get it in the first 5 seconds, some people get it in a life time and some people just need a different approach, but everyone can learn no matter how old or how young, no matter the background or the beliefs. Give people the space and the support they need to learn.

8. Whatever you try, never ever, under any circumstances stop believing in people ;). Try a different way, try 10 000 different ways, but continue trying.

9. You can’t teach what you don’t live. Telling someone about the unique value of every human being means nothing if you don’t value every human being, if you don’t believe that we all matter and we are all worth it.

10. Every single person in this world can teach you something. See the possibility and the potential in every person, every animal and every plant. There’s a reason for which everything in nature lives in harmony and we can all learn from that.

Sending all of you high love energy vibrations to support you in being you best and most amazing self…the one you know you can be, but sometimes you need to be reminded ;).

2 responses to “10 things I learned

  1. I think all 10 are amazing, and lesson 10, about being humble, would be my favorite. You may think you know it, you may think you own it–regardless of what “it” refers to–but if you’re not approaching it being humble and open, you might want to start over. Cool post.


  2. Thanks ;). It’s very easy as a coach to fall into righteousness, just because you know and the other people don’t, so being open and humble is definitely a great approach.


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