What I learned today – Daylight Savings and the Human Touch

Since I got such amazing feedback from so many people about the post with 10 things I learned, I decided to start a series of daily short blog posts with what I learned today, so here goes.

Daylight savings – my computer changed the hour by itself, my iPhone did the same, but my watch didn’t. Now let me explain this. It’s an atomic watch that synchronizes the time and date with some satellite according to the timezone I’m in, has a solar battery and according to its manual (which I had to read because I couldn’t figure out how to set it) you only have to set it once and then it stays set for life, no adjustments, no worries about having the exact time, changing the battery, bumping it against … well against anything considering it’s shock resistant or having it breathe underwater since it’s resistant for up to 660ft. So a miracle of technology hanging on my wrist that somehow knows how to do everything automatically except switch to daylight savings.

What I learned?

I learned that no matter how much we go on automatic and no matter how much we look like we have things under control, we all need the human touch, the human connection that fine tunes us, that makes us reach inside the deepest corner of our souls and allows us to be better, to be amazing human beings, creating amazing connections and remembering that as much as we need or are used to some kind of mechanical automatic life, if we don’t get the occasional human touch, we just become…stuck in the wrong timezone…

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