What I learned today – A different perspective on jury duty

I overheard two people talking today about jury duty. One of them had to be there for 3 days last week and he hated even the idea of it. I realized that most of the people I’ve heard talking about jury duty usually hated it, are bored by it and they definitely don’t want to do it. They go there hoping to not be picked and to rush right back to whatever they were doing before that. Or even more, they find some valid excuse not to be there.

Now, for some reason I see that differently. See, I’m not a US citizen yet, therefore there is no possibility of jury duty for me so I actually think it’s fun. I’d love to be there in a room full of people that I don’t know yet, seeing different perspectives, getting new ideas, observing and at the same time getting involved, listening, talking. Yeah, there is a possibility I may have quite a romanticized view of what jury duty means, but I think it’s also because I don’t HAVE TO do it. There’s no letter coming in the mail announcing me to come to the court house (I think that’s where you have to go) so I don’t see it as something that I have to do, but something that I would choose to do. And I would probably have fun ;).

What I learned?

If we could think of everything we do in our daily life as a choice, as how can I have fun and enjoy doing this, instead of thinking: bleah! I have to do this and it’s going to suck! And I’ll even give you a challenge: think about one thing that’s really sitting on your nerves, something that you think you have to do and you’re making a big deal about NOT WANTING TO DO IT, but HAVING TO. And after you find that, think about how you could find joy out of it, how you could have fun and how you could make it work for you. Then tell me what happens. Or don’t. But at least observe it. See how it works for you and then see which version you want to choose: the HAVE TO or the THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN.

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