I’d like to date my Gmail

Bet you think that’s funny and makes no sense, right? Well, let me shed some light on this. Here’s what I love about my Gmail and why I think it would be so great to date it/him:

– it’s reliable – I’ve never had it crash or leave me hanging when I need it
– it’s flexible – I can chose the theme, labels, signatures according to what feels right for me
– it’s fun, colorful and joyful
– it never gets boring – it get upgraded every couple of weeks with something new and exciting
– it’s not jealous – it’s confident enough to let me hang out with his friends, google docs, gmaps, reader, calendar and all those tools
– it’s comforting and non-judgmental no matter what emails I send or receive

Now, doesn’t that sound pretty good for a possible boyfriend? Let’s just hope he’s the kind who calls the next day ;). After all, I do have a Google Voice number.

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