A Band Aid for the Soul

Last year around this time I had to wear a wrist brace as I had a tiny fracture in my wrist…tiny enough that it didn’t require a cast, but big enough that I had to wear the brace for about 6 weeks. It got me thinking about about how we take care of out physical injuries and the role of a band aid in that. I see the band aid (whether it’s a real Band Aid, a brace, a cast or some other thing that covers the wound) as having 2 roles:
1. It protects the injury until it heals therefore becoming a statement of the bearer’s desire to get better/well
2. It draws attention to the fact that the person is physically not functioning at full capacity therefore might require compassion and care when approached.
That definitely takes care of the physical injuries we may have to deal with at any point in our lives.

What about the emotional injuries, those moments when you feel your soul breaking and your heart crumbling? There’s no band aid for that, there’s nothing to put over the wound to comfort it, nothing that will tell other people: “Please have some compassion!” In Eastern Europe, people wear black after someone close to them dies. It’s a sign of respect and reverence for the dead, but also a way of saying: “My soul is wounded.” But for the other injuries of the soul, there’s nothing, no sign for the outside world to recognize. That’s one thing, I’d love to invent, a Band Aid for the Soul, a subtle way of saying: “Please be aware, I’m hurting! Please be understanding and compassionate! Please support me, just as you would if I was wearing a cast on my leg or arm!”

That’s all…A Band Aid for the Soul…

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