I was looking for the key and I found a lock

I was getting out of the subway, searching for my key while walking towards my apartment. I pulled the lock I use at yoga out of my bag and continued to walk home as if the keys were already in my hand. Only when I got in front of my building and I was about to open the front door, did I realize that I was holding a lock, not a key. I stopped to think for a minute about the many times I get stuck because instead of holding a key, I’m holding a lock. I was puzzled realizing the greatness of the event. I had just been shown in the most visual way possible, what happens when I’m so distracted from reality that I think the lock is key.

So next time you reach for the key, make sure you don’t grab the lock by mistake. You might end up stuck in front of a locked door with no key to open it.

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