All change is good, right?

The question of change has been on my mind for the past few weeks, maybe because my life is going through major changes and at times I have to remind myself to be grateful for the change.

But what’s so great about change after all? Well, things change every day and if we don’t notice that they’ve changed is because they’re changing over and over to the same thing. The planet moves, therefore things change by default so when it seems like their not, it’s because we’re stuck in our own repetitive pattern that doesn’t allow us to see the change.

What I’m feeling now is definitely not that, it’s something I experience at a visceral level…like a constant feeling of being both super excited and just about to throw up at the same time, like the earth is standing still and moving too fast all at the same time, like it’s too late and too early and I have a long wait while not having enough time. Above all those feelings lingers the feeling of gratitude of not standing still, of moving forward with the speed of light, of knowing that my dreams are happening and the planets are aligning.

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