And you wait…and you wait…

How many times do we just wait for something or someone to tell us that we’re on the right path, we need the reassurance that it’s all going to be good, but we forget that the only way things will actually be good is when we decide to follow the path of our heart, when we push beyond the doubts, beyond the confusion and the part of our mind that seems to have only one purpose in this life – to make us realize how important certain things are for us. If at the first glimpse of doubt, we change our mind, we flake out and give up, then maybe the task was never for us or maybe we’re just not ready for it. Yes, sometimes, we actually need more time. Other times, we’re just using that as an excuse.

But if you’re looking for a sign to help you in making a decision, look around, the signs are probably already here, you’ve just been unwilling to see them. Take fear by its hand and walk courageously towards your goals…the worst thing that could happen is failure, and then we get up and try again…after all that’s how we got to where we are right now.

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