The NY – LA Duality

I’ve been living this double life now, almost like a secret agent split between two worlds so similar yet so different. New Yorkers are programmed to hate LA, they’re too laid back, too relaxed…too slow. On the other hand the residents of the City of Angels find New Yorkers too neurotic, too stressed…too in a rush.

Pedestrians wait for the light to turn green before crossing the street and cars wait for all the pedestrians to cross before turning right. For a NYer coming to LA is somehow like going through a rabbit hole. Nobody really walks anywhere here and if they do it’s just when going for a walk therefore it’s slow, like a stroll with your 80-year old grandma. In NY you can wander around for hours and hours and never get bored by the beautiful street where you can randomly stumble upon a delicious bakery or a little store that sells trinkets from all over the world.

As for LA, LA is always warm. Even when it’s not warm, it’s somehow still warm and people go crazy when the temperature goes below 55F. I particularly like when you get one of those 6 days a year when it rains and everyone’s complaining as if it’s the end of the world. And it’s sunny…pretty much all the time, no matter the temperature. In the mornings you get a bit of haze off the ocean, but it burns off quickly and stays sunny for the rest of the day.

What kills me in LA is that sweat pants and running shoes or flip flops are the way to go. Somehow to me weekend wear means jeans and converse with a tank top or a t shirt and I still can’t picture myself walking out of the house in athletic pants and running shoes to go for a walk on the beach. Even when we go hiking I have this tendency to bring a pair of jeans and shoes to change into should we go anywhere to eat after. LA is casual, somewhat sloppy and there seems to be no relaxed wear in between sweats and dressing up. It’s like you’re either fancied up or you walk out with whatever you had on in the house, or whatever you were sleeping in…which reminds me that I saw a woman the other day in a grocery store in pink pajama pants with white socks, flip flops and a pink hoodie…an it was about 6pm…

NY is my all time love, my home, that place in my heart where I know I can always go back to no matter what and it will feel good, the place that somehow takes away anything that may be going wrong at some point, but LA, LA is soft and slow, it’s like everyone moves in slow motion and smiles as you hurriedly walk by NY style.

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