Purple and Other Shades of Beauty

I have this twitch in my heart whenever I look at a blank page and I think about writing a blog post. It’s like somehow, my mind goes empty and I got nothing to say…weird since in my day to day life, I seem to be talking all the time.

Why purple? Because it inspires me every day, because I wear it whenever I feel blue and it somehow brings me back to a pink state of mind. Purple has been my inspiration for names creation at my new naming strategy venture and also an inspiration for the multiple papers I’ve been writing over the past months for my preMBA at UCLA. Maybe because it relaxes my mind and takes me to a world of beauty, the  kind of world I see when I’m meditating or in the quiet moments before I fall asleep surrounded by love and feeling that someone’s heartbeat close to me. 

So no more staring blindly at a blank piece of paper. From now on, the paper is purple and it inspires my world.

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