Brand is Me

My first project for a Branding class I’m taking was to talk about myself as a brand, do market surveys about brand perception and see where I could improve the brand. It sounded a bit weird at first, as if I could ever be impartial when talking about myself, but once I started surveying, writing the paper, and the doing the presentation, I realized one important thing. There are always new things to learn, to improve, to make perfect ;), to understand about myself, my perception of me, other people’s perception of me and how that reflects on our interactions. And most importantly, I got to do a brand vision for myself. Where is the brand Lavinia heading and why does it even matter? Somehow I kept thinking about that question we always get in interviews about where do we see ourselves in 5 years and the thought of that made me cringe. Every time I’ve heard that in an interview, I felt somehow judged and put under a magnifying glass. But when I came to writing my vision about myself, that was a totally different story. It felt empowering and declaring, it felt courageous and happy. So when you have a moment and you’re feeling particularly happy about being you, take a pen and paper or pull your computer closer and write down your brand vision…it will be inspiring.

2 responses to “Brand is Me

  1. Excellant brand, I would not change a thing. You are smart, funny, sexy and you climb the hell out of a tree.


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