Cosmopolitan Figure with Vampire Origins at UCLA

I was mentioning the other day about this Brand is Me project that I did for one of my UCLA classes, so I decided to actually post the project. Bear with me, it’s a little long, but it’s quite funny…at least in my opinion.

Brand Overview

Lavinia is a Romanian born right brainer who values logic and science with global experience in the fields of advertising, communications, and naming. She has lived in Romania, India, Brazil, New York and Los Angeles and has traveled through most European countries.

Lavinia’s life holds an unexpected wonder at every step. With a passion for global languages and cultures, she decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages. After her second year, she won a scholarship to spend her third year of college in India. Upon her return, she finished her Bachelor’s Degree and continued on to a Master’s Degree in Advertising and Publicity, while working as a Producer for McCann Erickson.  In 2007, she received a calling from New York City where she pursued a Master’s Degree in Media Studies at The New School and worked in various areas of communications both in the corporate and the not-for-profit world. During this time she won a scholarship for a media project in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, so she set off for Rio to live for 3 months during which she conducted a research on how the influence and the accessibility to media is changing the lives of local residents. After this short journey, she returned to NY with a deeper interest in human development and experiential learning so she dedicated her weekends to training high ropes courses to corporate and leadership groups. In December 2011 she moved to LA and is currently enrolled in a Graduate Business Certificate with a concentration on Advertising and Branding at UCLA, while at the same time working in the Naming Strategy department at Siegel+Gale.

Being a progressive leader and innovative driven individual with proven record of improving and developing every environment that she is part of, through reliability, authenticity and integrity and having an intuitive knowledge of what people need in order to attain their best possible results, she has the ability to develop the talents of and individual, team or group, and to promote members of the team to become leaders themselves while de-emphasizing micro management. She has the ability to lead and be led, to be part of a team and also work by herself, to structure complex, ambiguous, and potentially charged issues into comprehensible materials that are easily accessible to people without prior knowledge of a particular field.

Brand Perception

Upon further investigation, we find out that the qualities people around Lavinia value about her are her kindness, her desire to improve herself and to improve the life of the people around her at every step and her unconditional love. Every person we interviewed would like to go on an amazing adventure with Lavinia, maybe a trip to Tibet or Peru, mountain climbing or skiing in some exotic place. Her friends see her as an active and happy individual with eclectic tastes and a fearless heart. She is the person they would want by their side when they want to share their happiness and also the person who would lift their spirits up when they are sad and lonely. She is always reliable and authentic. If she were a watch, she would be a Breguet with great history and tradition, subtle lines, understated beauty, and a heart to last for centuries. They wish she would stop deflecting at times when she feels vulnerable and insecure and not use humor as a shield. She can be cold and unforgiving when she feels betrayed and it takes her a very long time to trust that person again. She can seem harsh, aggressive, and tough.

Improving the Brand Perception


The overall perception of the brand is positive and there seems to be a tendency for people to gravitate towards her love and her energy, yet there needs to be some improvement on her tendency to shut down people and be cold at times.

To that extent, Lavinia’s strategy is to make sure she offers her entire attention to people when they are talking to her or reaching out to her, without jumping to rushed conclusions or making judgments about what they may say, do or even think.



Brand Vision



The vision for the Lavinia brand is a successful career in naming and branding strategy, emphasizing teamwork, human development and deeper connections between individuals, while at the same time having a great family and traveling the world.





 Lavinia’s car

Lavinia sees herself as a Fiat 500 Abarth, a fashionable, small, but fast Italian car with beautiful lines and interior, powerful engine, but sweet exterior.

Her friends think she would be an Audi or BMW with slick lines, great technology, very stable and reliable, with a powerful engine, tough on the outside, but warm and welcoming inside.

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