Yogi-ing my way around

I’ve been a Bikram yoga fanatic for 3 years, yet recently I’ve had to switch to other kinds of yoga, mainly due to convenience. In NY there are so many Bikram yoga studios, there’s bound to be one close to you, but LA is different. Their HQ is here and it’s relatively close to my house, but they have a limited number of classes and somehow I could never make it there in time, and work and have a social life. So I found this place close to my work called Yogaworks that has vinyasa, ashtanga, yoga blend, and pilates. Here’s what I love about the new place and the new yoga and what I miss about the old one.

What I love:

– it’s close to work and I can hop there right after work or right before work

– it’s a bright, clean, and happy studio

– they offer a variety of classes from vinyasa, ashtanga, and yoga blend to pilates…so more added value there

– the teachers are very personal, they ask you things, they correct your postures, they want to know your name

– my hair, body, and clothes are not drenched in sweat at the end of class

What I miss:

– I miss the heat, I miss it with all my heart and every muscle in my body that taked forever to warm up. Bikram is done in a heated room and once the class starts, you start sweating like crazy and your body is more flexible. All the classes at this new place are at room temperature. Yes, you get warm and you sweat eventually, but my body is so used to the flexibility only heat gives me, that I’m having a hard time adjusting to the non-heated rooms

– the dialogue instructions. In Bikram, you get a step by step dialogue about how to get into and out of a posture, but here they mainly say the name of the posture and a few details and then you just have to do it. I guess it works, if you know the postures, but for me, it’s a bit challenging to look at other people and try to follow them, while at the same time doing the posture.

In the end, yoga is fantastic any chance you get to do it so it looks like for the next section of my life it will be non-heated yoga. Guess I’ll just have to work harder to break a sweat.

But enough writing, I’m off to yoga 😉

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