Some days I just hear the refrigerator make ice cubes

Most of my days are alert. I’m running around, work, classes, yoga, hikes, hanging out with friends, and all sorts of other activities that come up every day.

Then there are other days when everything seems to be quietly moving in slow motion. I’m still somehow efficient, I still get things done, but the day is deafening quiet, it’s like someone put everything around me and inside me on mute and there’s no closed captioning. It’s on those days that I’m at work, entranced in my name creation or some other writing, and all of the sudden I hear the refrigerator making ice cubes. I can clearly hear when it empties the cubes from the tray and then water pours back in it to create new cubes. It’s like a complete day of meditation, of actually observing the little things happening around me without my knowing.

I still haven’t figured out which days are more creative, the vibrant and high energy ones or the muted ones, but for now they seem to both come exactly when I need them.

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