Life as a computer

Are you Photoshop? Excel? Or maybe just a computer virus?

What if you were a computer? What if your brain was your mother board and you would have preinstalled programs, optional programs, apps, you’d be susceptible to viruses and would need an antivirus to get rid of them? Think about it! You’re born with a motherboard, a hardware, some RAMM memory, and a few preinstalled programs. Just like computers, we all have different storage capabilities, different RAMM memory, and maybe even different preinstalled programs. Some of us are born with a virus here and there or some sort of bug that challenges us to either completely change some of the programs or completely uninstall them.

So maybe if you have Adobe Photoshop installed, you’re more of the artsy type, and if you have excel or some other algoritm calculator, you’d be the scientist type, or maybe, just maybe you’re the virus that infects everything around him…you never know, that could be that case. Or maybe you’re that awesome anti-virus that cleans everything around and leaves everyone happy.

According to this theory, whenever we want to get rid of something that’s not working in our lives (aka a virus) all we have to do is run a good detox (aka antivirus) and everything will be all good. Or when we want to retrain our body and learn something new, we just install another program. Well, things don’t really work that easy in the human software called the mind. We need to run an antivirus many times, consistently to get rid of something bad and regardless however many times we do, we are still sensitive to the virus we had. Take for instance a recovering alcoholic. Their virus is alcohol and they’re running antivirus programs every time they go to an AA meeting, yet they’re never considered completely cured, there’s always that recovering alcoholic tag on them and always the possibility of caving in and giving into the virus. As for our learning, I think we’re more on the concept of language recognition or handwriting recognition softwares. It takes some time for the program to be completely in sync with us, but once it learns something, it never forgets it. We’re not just brains that upload a software, we constantly improve it and learn from our experiences how to make that program better.

Then what happens when we connect with another person? What happens when we completely sync with someone else and we get that special connection. Well that would be the computer network. Two computers interfacing and exchanging information and software, creating a symbiosis.

Somehow life seems a lot simpler as a computer. We get a virus, we clean it up, we don’t like a program anymore, we stop using it and uninstall it, we want a new program, we just install it. Human life is hardly ever as easy as that, yet if we put in into the computer perspective, maybe next time we want to do something that harms our body, we’ll think twice. We wouldn’t willingly introduce a virus into our computer so why introduce it into our body or our mind, why let our lifetime computer get corrupted by some outside bug. If you’re at the point where you feel you’re not learning anything new or getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve your anymore, ask yourself. What would you do if the same thing happened to your computer. How would you handle the situation?

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