The Piano Player

I’ve often wondered about creating a relationship with someone you don’t know at all, counting on that person to be there, be on time without ever having met them or ever even planning to meet them. I moved into a new apartment at the end of august. One day, when we were arranging everything in the new house, unpacking boxes and making sure everything has a place, I heard someone play the piano. The balcony door was open and there’s  a building right across the garage from me so the sound is transported perfectly through the echoey corners and walls. It was Bohemia Rhapsody and quite well played I must say. Since then every single day I worked from home, I woke up wondering what I will hear that day. And at 10am on the dot, the concert would start. It would go from modern to classical to rock and all sorts of other genres without losing a beat. It was my inspiration when writing research papers and brand analysis. One of the many perks of the new apartment.

And then one day while working from home, I noticed it was 11.20am. My piano player was silent and I felt as if something was missing. I had gotten so used to working to his rhythm and tune, to get inspired by his creativity and talent that I totally missed it now. I wondered what had happened and made up stories in my head about why he wasn’t playing anymore. I was hoping he didn’t move as I remember seeing a U-Haul truck outside the building the weekend before. A few days passed and still nothing. I figured, I got the chance to experience this for almost a month, it was amazing, but I couldn’t help feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t have the piano player in the background whenever I worked from home.

It was a Saturday morning, I had been awake for some time, but I was having a lazy morning in bed writing emails and catching up with friends. And there it was…the sweet sound of the piano player filled the air. My eyes lit up and I smiled instantly. It was like a gift from the Universe just for me.

To my piano player: Thank you for making my days more beautiful and creative, thank you for bringing such beauty to this world.

To everyone else: Find joy and inspiration in the little things around you and bring joy and inspiration to everyone around you.

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