Are you an image for your brand?

A couple weeks ago, I was heading into a Body Works class at LA Fitness hoping to get the same level of training and exercise that I get when I go to my usual Body Works trainer. Little did I know that what I was about to experience was something that no respectable gym should allow.

The trainer, a woman in her late 40s, maybe early 50s, walked in looking and smelling like she hadn’t taken a shower since her 30s. No, I’m not talking about the smell of someone who worked out all day, it was the smell of someone who just hadn’t showered in a long long time. Then there was the first look part. She was wearing these ragged sweat pants that lost their shape about 3 years ago, a sports bra and a tank top that looked as if she had fought off a homeless person for them. On to her hair, the lack of shower was visible here too and she had about half of it pulled up in some sort of messy pony tail. And to top everything, she was somewhat overweight…definitely not the way a trainer should look in my mind. My first instinct was to leave the class and just go work out on my own, yet I stopped myself. I told myself I shouldn’t judge from appearances so I gave it a try. The first half of a class that was supposed to be weights training mixed with cardio was literally out of those 80s aerobic DVDs. By this time, I realized it wasn’t just a first impression, so I picked up my things and walked out. I ended up doing an amazing workout by myself with the Nike Training Club App on my iPhone.

Looking back, I can’t help thinking what qualifies this woman to be a trainer and represent LA Fitness to its customers. She didn’t have to look, the authority, the skills, the…anything. With that in mind, if you look at yourself, the values and the business you represent, are you an image for your brand? Do you exude your brand from every pore and launch it to the world with every smile and every glance? If you’ve been wondering why people don’t get what you’re trying to transmit, take a look at yourself. Are you just like the woman who has the title of a fitness trainer, but nothing about her makes her a trainer. You have a mission and a brand in this world, make sure you’re always an image for those values, as if your mission in this world is embedded in your DNA.

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