Are you all fake?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Being an Image for Your Brand. Well recently I got to see the reverse of that. What if you or your brand looks like it has it all together, but it proves to be all fake? I was on a hiking day trip, medium difficulty, about 10 miles long with a group of people, among which, there was this guy all Johnny Bravo buffed, yet no strength. The entire hike, I kept wondering how someone who looks like he spends half of his life in the gym can be so out of shape, and then it hit me: this little thing called supplements and muscle enhancers.


I’m all about fake it till you make it and stepping into a bigger role in order to grow and speed up your learning curve, but this, this wasn’t fake it till you make it, this was just fake it. It got me thinking of brands out there that have this pimped out front, that look like they got it all together, but inside there’s nothing to back up the façade. It’s like seeing a juicy, appetizing, amazing looking burger, then taking a bite out of it and realizing it’s just props for a photo shoot, or like walking through the streets of New York at Warner Bros studios. It looks good, but there’s not value, no substance, nothing beyond the shell. It’s like paying for gold and getting pyrite.

If you take a look at yourself or your brand, where do you stand? Are you gold or pyrite? If you’ve been pyrite up until now, what will it take to turn you into gold? What alchemy process do you need to be the real deal, to live up to your façade? Just because you’ve been that for a very long time, faking it out, it doesn’t mean you can’t change. Maybe you need a rebranding, maybe you need an upgrade, or maybe you just need to step up to the brand image you’ve been creating for yourself. Whatever it is, start by assessing your brand and get to work. Everyone loves the real deal!


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