Pilot Light

Pilot LightThe first time I ever heard someone say: Don’t let the pilot light go out!, they were talking about a water boiler and I had no clue what a pilot light was. I don’t ever remember seeing them in Europe. We had the spark igniter for gas appliances, but a light that stays on all the time waiting for the moment when you need to turn on your stove, your boiler…I’d never seen that before.

Later on, the pilot light became a common household thing so I never gave it much thought, until recently when I heard someone say: Never let your pilot light go out! The sentence was similar to the one I heard years ago, yet this time it meant something more. No matter what happens in your life, no matter the challenges, the problems you’re dealing with, keep that little light in your heart always burning, the little light that can ignite a fire when needed.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

It got me thinking about our internal pilot light. We all go through sand storms and wind tunnels that almost blow us away, that take us to the point where we have no idea how we will move forward or if we ever will. We stand still, afraid to move, afraid to even look towards a potential happy future, forgetting that our pilot light is still burning. We’re still alive, still breathing, still able to move forward, still having the ignition to light up a huge fire, to create an explosion of fireworks, to warm up the hearts of the people around us, and light up our lives.

After all, it’s all about keeping the pilot light on!

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