Every day is the best day of my life

It started with a text message across oceans and continents. I was just waking up, his day was just ending.

“How was your day?”

“Great. How will your day be?”

“The best day of my life…so far.”

“I think that’s a promise we should make to ourselves every morning – every day will be the best day of our lives…so far.”

TurtleIt got me thinking. We all have good days, great days, amazing days, but we also have the ones that aren’t so great, the ones when we feel sad, lonely, discouraged, annoyed, and all those feelings that don’t serve us. We say tomorrow will be better and sometimes it is, other times it’s not; sometimes we manage to rise from a not so great day as if nothing happened and other times that day is just the beginning of a not so great week, month, year. Looking back, I can remember some of my amazing days, some of them took a lot of planning like moving to all the places I’ve lived in or getting some great thing I worked hard for, but others were spontaneous, like randomly seeing a whale breach, swimming with wild dolphins and turtles, seeing a 360 rainbow, meeting my love on a random night, at a random fundraiser that I did my best to bail out on. But I also remember the not so good days, the days when things came crumbling down, days when I couldn’t see the light behind all the clouds and the darkness.

360 Rainbow

What happens if we wake up every morning and the first thing we tell ourselves is “Today will be the best year of my life so far.” Nothing else, no plans, no worries, no “how am I going to make this or that happen?” Just waking up with the right attitude that today will be amazing, no matter what. Even if the news we get are not the best, or the accomplishments are not as high as we wish, even if [insert what troubles you most], nothing will stop this day from being the best day yet.

And since our physical self sometimes takes a little time catching up with our mind, I’m challenging myself to 30 days of waking up with this thought every day. Why 30 days? It was actually the TED Speaker, Matt Cutts who gave me the idea in his talk Try Something New for 30 Days.

Maybe, just maybe, by May 21st, 2013, exactly 30 days from today, every day will be the best day of my life.

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