If Your Looks Matched Your Heart

To some extent, we all show our feelings on our face. If you’re the kind of person who’s always happy and laughing, you might have a few laughter lines earlier than you think; if you’re constantly angry, you’ll have raised eyebrows pulled together and tight lips; if you frown a lot, you’ll have a few lines between your eyes. That of course, assuming that you’ve stayed away from botox, laser, and other things like that and your face is still full of working nerve endings.

green eye

We’ve all seen people who look physically gorgeous, but they’re total a**holes. You know that hot girl, who turned out to be a bitch or that cute guy, who was just sooo…not worth it.

But what if your looks actually matched your heart? If you’re a kind, compassionate, loving person, you look beautiful physically and if you’re mean, judgmental, unkind, or condescending, that will show up in your physical appearance too. Would that change who you are? Would it make you a better person, just because you wouldn’t want to look in the mirror every day and see the face of anger, judgment, insensitivity, or coldness? Would you try to be better just because you’d want to look better or just because you’d want people to like you and have a good opinion of you? Would you be more positive, more loving, more compassionate, more kind, more attentive? Would you care more just because other people could see how much or how little you care, just because everything would be out in the open for everyone to see? Would you do more good things because you couldn’t hide the wrong doing? How would you be better, how would you improve yourself and your life if you were held accountable for it by everyone you meet? Would you make different choices?

Take a moment to look in the mirror right now. What do you see? Beyond the skin, your eyes, mouth, nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, beyond the make up or the exact physical features. Is there a kind person behind that or an angry person? Is there someone who’s happy and joyful, who finds the best things in life, or an anxious person focused more on what you don’t have, what doesn’t work, what isn’t the way you want it to be.

Who would you be if your looks matched your heart?

4 responses to “If Your Looks Matched Your Heart

  1. haha the best victory or win for me at work is when i feel like shit or like i’m about to die soon and someone smiles at me and says wow you look so radiant today =)) on the inside, i’m like tee-hee SCORE!


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