You Are What You Love, Not What Loves You


I heard it on one of my favorite movies, Adaptation, “You are what you love, not what loves you.” It got me thinking, maybe we need to stop defining ourselves through the people who love us, thinking that we are worth it, that we are amazing, that we are special if/when we are loved. Maybe what makes us special is not our ability to be loved, but our ability to love without condition, to never hold back in fear, to love with courage, to love with devotion, to just love without questioning if we are loved back or if people deserve our love.

Deserving love
– I’ve heard this phrase so many times, that it’s all about deserving love, about being worthy of it, but I’ve never agreed with it. It’s not about who deserves your love, it’s about whom you’re willing to give your love to. Whether they deserve it or not, that’s on them, all you have to be concerned with is whether you’re willing to give it or not. Somehow we only understand this kind of love when it comes to pets and babies. Pets and babies don’t have to deserve our love, to be worthy of it, they just are. And we’re willing to be what we love, regardless whether they love us back or not.

ButterflyWho do you love? – If you look at your life, who do you love? If someone looked at the people you love, would they see you, do you manifest your love by just being who you are, loving who you want to love, regardless of who loves you back? Just think about it, what if instead of feeling worthy and deserving because someone loves you, you feel worthy and deserving because of the people you choose to love.

Would you love differently? Would you be more open to sharing your heart and your love with the world? People can love you for all sorts of different reasons. Maybe you make them laugh, make them feel better when you’re around, or maybe you just have good energy. But who you love, that’s a whole different story. That’s not about anyone else, that’s just about you, your heart, your soul, your purpose.

Next time you’re questioning your worth, just look around, who do you love?

You are what you love, not what loves you.

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