Lazy Love

Remember the time you met? That moment when everything started, when you felt butterflies in your stomach every time he/she walked in the room. You’d wake up smiling and look forward to seeing them, hope for a good morning text message or some random text during the day that just reminded you they were thinking about you. Do you remember it?


Maybe it’s a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years later…the butterflies are gone, now you only text when you need to send some sort of relevant information, when there’s a pressing question that needs an answer, when you’re bored. They don’t say: “I’m thinking of you” anymore, they just say: “Do we have any left over food or should I pick some Thai on the way home?”.

There are no more post its left on the fridge or the pillow, no little love notes tucked into your work bag or left on the screen on your laptop so you can smile when you get to work.

You wake up in the morning and just get out of bed…you used to take a few minutes to acknowledge the person next to you, give them a kiss, a hug, snuggle…but now you just get up.

You’re still in love, no doubt about it, you can’t imagine a life without the person next to you, you just got lazy. You stopped noticing, you stopped courting each other, you stopped dressing up for dinner together, you stopped trying. The question is why? Did you get to a point where you felt that person was there so stay so you decided that you don’t have to do anything anymore? Maybe. Yet maybe not. Maybe it was just the other million other things you were dealing with, but at the end of the day, you just got lazy, you stopped making time, you just assumed that at the end of the day that person will just be there and you stopped appreciating the amazing value they bring to your life.

Take a look around you! Are you really appreciating the people you love or are you just being lazy? If they’re worth your love, then give them all your love! Make them feel appreciated, leave notes, remind them of how you feel even if they’ve heard it a thousand times before, send random flowers, buy tickets to that show they’ve been dying to see, listen up when they mention some new restaurant and surprise them with a dinner there, take time in the morning to welcome the new day together, fall asleep in each other’s arms, hold hands when you walk on the street, encourage each other, hold each other accountable and make each other better. And never allow each other to become lazy in your love again.

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