What’s Your Market Value?

We’ve learned to put prices on things and even on people, to determine their value based on the rest of the market, based on demand, and other things we learn in business school. Everything has a monetary value, one way or the other, everything is defined by how much money we spend on it, how much time, or how many resources, and most importantly about the return on our investment. When we apply for a new job, we set our market value at a certain point and the employer is willing to pay the price or not. Other times, the employer sets our market value and we either agree, we negotiate, or we move on.

HighRollerHowever there’s still a free market out there, a market where you set your value and that’s it. You decide exactly what your value is, what you’re willing to “give yourself” for. It’s not based on previous experience or skills, like your job, it’s not based on how important your title is, it’s just based on how you value yourself. In this free market you can often over sell yourself or undersell yourself based on what you see when you look inside your heart, what you tell yourself when you look in the mirror, and how you look at the world around you. Your looks may play a part, but not as much as you think; your brain may play a part, but then again, it’s not that big. In this last free market where you decide every day how valuable you want to be, there is no trade, there are no rules, and everything is guarded by one single factor: your love for yourself. No, not the superficial, ego love, but really, deep down, do you love and value yourself? Do you care for yourself? How do you treat yourself? How do you let others treat you? Are you kind to yourself? Are you loving? Are you forgiving? Or maybe you devalue yourself; let others treat you life you don’t matter; maybe you feel like a shadow in your own life.

There still a free market and its name is LOVE. Isn’t it time you allowed yourself to show your true value instead of diminishing it? It’s a free market, start looking inside to find your value instead of defining yourself by the world outside. It’s a new moon tonight, a new beginning…begin by valuing yourself the way you deserve and watch your “stock” rise.

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