Once In A Lifetime

My friend Angelisa inspired me to write about that once in a life time amazing relationship that we all either have (lucky us!) or we deserve (it’s coming, don’t worry!), so here goes.

We sometimes tend to settle. Settle for less, settle for what’s comfortable, settle cause we’re afraid. And then we sometimes tend to believe all the Disney movies that told us that fireworks are compulsory, that there’s a spark when you meet the one, that it’s all a fairy tale. All these models of perfect relationships or relationships that we settle for…they just all seem wrong.

InfinityLoveHere’s what a once in a life time, truly life changing relationship means to me:

It about knowing without a doubt in your heart that the other person will be there for the happy and the sad, for when you’re feeling awesome and when you want to kill someone, that they will hold your hand either physically or metaphorically through every up and down of life. That they will always be arm’s length away or a phone call away, that they will have the nice conversations and the difficult conversations, that they will forgive and be forgiven, that the other person will care even when they’re mad, that they will love you even when they don’t want to talk to you.

It’s about lazy Sunday mornings in bed, when no alarm rings, and you wake up, see them next to you and you’re not even sure if you’re still dreaming or not. It’s about not being able to imagine a life without the other person and somehow always having them in your mind and your heart. It’s about those silly texts in the middle of the day or the night that just say: “I miss you” or “I love you”. It’s about picking up those cookies you know they love when you go to the grocery store, or taking them to that restaurant that they just love. It’s about smiling when you see their face, or think about them, or even when other people ask you about them. It’s about being proud of them and celebrating their accomplishments as if they were yours. And then it’s about sharing…sharing your life, sharing your time, sharing the world with them. It’s about always coming back to the big reason for which you got together in the first time. No matter how many fights, no matter how many challenges, it’s about always remembering that beautiful person who walked in your life one day and changed everything.

That amazing relationship might not have any of the drama, the pursuit, or the conquest of the Disney movies, but it’s the one that makes your heart sing and quiets it down at the same time. Sure it might take some work, some fine tuning, some letting go of a lot of ego, a lot of forgiveness, a lot of kindness, a lot of honesty, a lot of trust and a lot of courage, but it will all be worth it because you’ll know that you have found that person that makes your soul vibrate at high frequencies of love and makes the day brighter just by being in your life. And what an amazing feeling that is! Talk about once in a lifetime for a lifetime!

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