It Only Takes One Day

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

Worth It

If you talk to anyone who’s ever been addicted to anything, whether it’s chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, they will tell you that quitting is a process…a process during which you may fall off the wagon, a process during which you need to be strong, you need a support system, and it will take everything you have to not go back to that addiction. They will also tell you that the road is riddled with obstacles, from friends who still have that addiction, to random encounters, to those days when you just feel out of it. They will tell you it takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to get to a point where you don’t feel threatened by the addiction, when you can have the confidence to be exposed to the world as it is, with additions and know that you will never go back.

There is however something that only takes one day to quit and every single day to stick with it. That something represents pretty much all the good things in your life. If you work out every day, you have to make a conscious choice every day to get up, go to the gym or go outside and work out. If you meditate every day, you need to wake up every day and sit still in one place for a certain amount of time, doing your best to clear your mind, to find peace, to fill yourself with joy.

It won’t be easy and there will be days when you just don’t want to do it, days when you don’t want to work out, or follow any other good habit in your life, yet you will make that effort because you know it’s worth it. Just like your mind knows that it’s better to quit an addiction, it also knows that you need to stick with the good habits, regardless of how you feel. It may only take one day to quit, but it takes a lifetime to keep the good things in your life.

And yes, that applies to the people in your life too because the relationships you want to keep need to be nurtured every day, you need to make time every day, to make it part of your daily life, to never let it slip away, you have to not quit. What you do get to quit is the insecurity, the doubt, the hold backs, the fears, and all the other things that act like addictions in your life.

The thing with addictive habits and people is that they always give you the extreme highs and the extreme lows and then they leave behind a sort of numbness that leaves you motionless, stagnant, lacking any sort of drive or desire for action. Chose those actions, habits, and people, that give your highs, rarely any lows, and always move your life forward, the one that inspire you to do more, not just to sit in bed all day.

It’s easy to quit the good things in your life, the ones that are worth holding on to. As for the real addictions, whether they refer to the bad habits or the bad people in your life, it may be hard to let go in the beginning because you’ve gotten so used to living a half life, but looking back, you never hear anyone saying: “I wish I smoked more or drank more before I quit. “You do however hear: “I wish I had quit earlier” or “I wish I never started.”

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