Where Do You Find Your Peace?

“A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.” – Wayne Dyer

SG Grove1In a world where we keep moving faster as if we’re trying to break the sound barrier all over again, I often find myself finding peace in the most unusual places. Yes, I find peace in meditation, in yoga, or in those moments right before I fall asleep when everything quiets down and my mind stops racing.

But what about the rest of the time, what about the hours and hours when I’m going from one thing to the next, when something happens every other minute and I live at a pace at which I have to remind myself to take a break, to eat, to disconnect.

I have thought a lot about peace this past week and tried to be aware and grateful of every moment of peace, tried to enjoy it, to “maximize” it.

These are the unusual places where I found my peace this week, places which make me smile and stop my mind from racing just enough to remind me to be happy and grateful.

1. Driving. Driving on empty roads, letting the road take me where I need to go. This past weekend I went kart racing and I remember this very distinct moment when I was on the track and there was no one else around – I had this moment of peace, of complete liberation, when my mind went quiet and my body just kept on pushing the gas, turning the wheel, and doing whatever else I needed to do to keep going.

 2. Working out. I’m not just talking about yoga here and using the peacefulness of the body to bring peace to the mind, I’m actually talking about pushing your body so much, that your mind goes quiet and you experience bliss. Your body is at the limit barely going through, but your mind, your mind is just in this state of trance.

3. Acknowledging the pain. Sometimes we all tend to fight against the pain, to push it away, to strive to never show a trace of it or bury it so deep down that we think it will never come out. I’ve found that I always find peace when I allow myself to feel the pain, to experience those feelings for what they are. I never like wallowing in that world of agony, but pushing away my feelings just makes me anxious.

4. Cleaning. Yes, that’s right, I find peace in cleaning my house. Not only because the act itself feels like I’m cleansing the energies and allowing the high vibrations to come in, but also because there’s something truly wonderful about being in a space that invites you and welcomes you in, an environment that’s bright, clean, and full of love energy.

 5. Supporting the people around me. I’ve talked about this in the past and about how I’m still struggling with the idea of asking for support and accepting support. Well when it comes to giving that support, I have no challenge. I give everything I can without asking for anything in return and I find peace and harmony in being present for the people I love.

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