I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Love, I Fell In Love With You


When I heard that, it was like the world stopped. I had believed it was all about giving more love to the point where I would overwhelm the people around me with love and care or I would make up for the love they were holding back with over the top, sometimes even consuming love. Until I was told: “I didn’t fall in love with your love, I feel in love with you.”

Maybe I felt that I wasn’t enough as a person, but my love was. I knew I was capable of ever-expanding unconditional love so I was offering it all instead of offering myself. If you take a look at your life, do you find yourself giving too much love, too much care, or maybe even too much time or attention, because you believe giving yourself is not enough?

People fall in love with you, not with the things you provide, allow them to love you.

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