There’s no such thing as constructive criticism, all criticism is an act of violence

SunflowerI don’t remember who said this, but I remember it was part of an online workshop I was listening to a while back. It was called The Art of Love – I thought it was a beautiful name for a 7-day workshop talking about all aspects of love and how to live a life full of love. I do remember thinking that I had used so many times “constructive criticism” as a form of feedback, thinking that it’s ok because I wasn’t actually doing anything wrong, but I was supporting the other person. Then I realized it. No matter how you phrase it criticism is just that – a clear disapproval of some action or person, but more importantly a sense of arrogance, as if you know better then them, therefore you can criticize.

Next time you’re tempted to provide some “constructive criticism”, just try being compassionate, seeing the big picture, offering support and ways of improving, in other words try an act of kindness instead of an act of violence.

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