Your Problems Are Not Your Own

TroubledWatersWe live in a world in which we have come to believe that our problems, all our challenges are somehow an integral part of us. That’s why it’s so hard sometimes to let go or to solve them. We internalize them so much that we believe they’re permanent, but looking back we always see that challenges come and go. Some stay of a little time, others for a little longer, but in the end they all go away or at least turn into something else.

Yet somehow in the present, we always see our challenges as permanent, as impossible to deal with, as overbearing.  If we could only project ourselves into the future, if we could only look back from that future date to this present moment, how many of the challenges would still be there? How many will we have overcome? How many will have proven to just be passing moments in our lives? And most importantly, can you stop owning your problems in the present and remember that challenges will always come and go? Can you stop owning that anxiety and start owning your power?

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