You’ll Never Have It Figured Out

SpiralStairCaseSounds scary, doesn’t it? You’ll never have it figured out. But think about it. Isn’t that actually one of the joys of life? Since you’ll never have it figured out, you’ll never be finished, there will always be some other corner of your heart that you haven’t discovered yet. You’ll always be a little unfinished, there will always be that infinite part of you waiting to be discovered every minute, transforming every second.

Maybe you’re one of those people who believes once you have that career, that home, that partner, you’ll have it all figured out, but look at all the things you’ve achieved so far. When you were a kid you thought that being an adult meant having it all figured out, then you thought you’ll have it figured out once you finish college, once you get your first break, once you get married, have kids. Yet look at yourself, no matter where you are in your life, there’s always something else, some other part of you that’s still undiscovered. You’re not finished. There will always be more.

4 responses to “You’ll Never Have It Figured Out

  1. Good thoughts right here. If you figured everything out, then your life would just stop right? It’s like when you complete your to-do list, and for a moment you have nothing to do. At first it feels great, and then you’re like…. well what now? Life goes on!


    • Francis, I love your comments about finishing the To-Do list and taking a moment to “do nothing” after which we realize that we just keep searching for more things to do as our passions and our desires keep changing and there’s always a little more we need to figure out.


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