What Would Your Last Words Be?

MayaAngelouYesterday, a wonderful spirit, a spirit more courageous every second than most of us can be in a lifetime passed away. At the age of 86 she took her last breath after inspiring generations until now and generations to come. Her last words on Twitter were “Listen to yourself and in that act of quietude you might hear the voice of God.” Powerful words from a powerful woman, who chose to motivate us and believe the best of us until her last breath.

If we look at the words she spoke throughout her life, we can easily see that it wasn’t just by chance that her last words were so commanding. This is who she was and that last tweet is just a glimpse of it.

If you look at your life, what do your words say about you? What is your DNA reflected in everything you say? Is it empowering, happy, hopeful? If it’s not, how can you change that while you still have time?

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