You Can’t Get To Where You Want If You Don’t Accept Where You Are

GolfBallWe’ve all had a hard time at one point or another accepting who we are or where we are on the path of life.

When the first consumer GPS systems were released, the software was still a little “imperfect” and it would constantly disconnect from the satellite leaving drivers stranded. This impersonal voice would say: “Satellite connection lost, could not calculate directions.” Even the GPS couldn’t get to where it needed to go if it didn’t accept where it was.

We’ve all looked around in denial and rejected our reality as if it was some kind of spoiled food forgotten in the back of the fridge. Unfortunately that forgotten spoiled food in the back of the fridge will spoil all the other good food there and leave an unthinkable smell until you decide to deal with it. The same thing happens with the “rejected” reality in our lives. If we don’t accept where we are how could we ever head in the right direction?

Take a look around, get your coordinates right, figure out exactly where you are, decide where you want to be and set a course in that direction.

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