People Don’t All Break the Same

QuietWater-001We have this image about how people are supposed to look when they’re broken, when their soul is crumbling to the ground and reality becomes just unbearable. But the truth is, people don’t break the same. Some might break in a million pieces with a loud noise, others may just quietly fade away, others just lie on the ground of their reality “un-broken” yet unable to go on, and others just bury everything under a mask of happiness, sarcasm, ignorance, or indifference. And most of us go through all of those stages at one stage or the other in our “broken” stage.

Let think about it this way, first of all we are not identical as people, we feel differently, we laugh differently, we experience things differently, how could we ever break the same? But most importantly, take two identical things, glasses, plates, anything; and smash them into the ground in the exact same way. Did they break the same? Chances are, no matter how similar they are, they still shatter into a million different pieces. 

Let us take a moment and stop comparing our experience with the people next to us and most importantly, let us stop judging ourselves for breaking one way or the other or for not putting ourselves together fast enough. Maybe we should just allow ourselves to take a minute and acknowledge our broken self before we rush to pick up the pieces.

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