What’s Your Top Of The Mountain?

You know those days when you don’t know if you can keep going, you lose track of what you’re fighting for and what your goal is, those days when you seem to be just like Sisyphus pushing a rock up the mountain only to feel it rolling back down, and feeling the futility of your efforts.

Well I’ve had a few days like that recently and it was once again an old episode from Grey’s Anatomy that brought me back to reality and made me remember why I’m fighting for things to begin with. This episode featured a quote that went like this:


“They take pictures of the mountain climbers at the top of the mountain. They are smiling, ecstatic, triumphant. They don’t take pictures along the way, cause who wants to remember the rest of it?

We push ourselves because we have to, not because we like it. The relentless climb, the pain and the anguish of taking it to the next level – nobody takes pictures of that, nobody wants to remember, we just want to remember the view from the top, the breathtaking moment at the edge of the world.

That’s what keeps us climbing, and it’s worth the pain, that’s the crazy part. It’s worth anything.” 

And then it hit me: I’m on my way to the top of the mountain, to that amazing incredible view. But what’s even more important is that along that way I’ve always found little “top of the mountain” moments to stop for a second and admire the view, moments to remember that all efforts are not in vain, that it’s not about the futility of life, but about the grandeur of it, about all the little moments I work for, all the little victories, all the moments when I feel on top of the world, when I get lifted up in the air.

TopOfTheMountainNext time you feel your world if turning upside down and no matter how much you work, you can’t seem to get anywhere, remember your top of the world. Maybe your top of the world is an amazing career, that fantastic person to hold you when your happy or sad, a happy and fulfilled life, whatever it is, keep it in mind when you wonder what you’re fighting for.

As for me, my top for the world changes all the time, but is one thing that remains constant: My top of the mountain is full of love and it always includes him ;).

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