Sweat The Little Things

JellyFishWe’re told over and over not to sweat the little things, to let them go as if they’re just drops of rain rolling off a leaf after the storm. But is it really as easy as that? I’ve learned that the little things always add up and “not sweating” them doesn’t stop them from adding up, it just makes the result more surprising.

Imagine every day you chip a little piece from a tree. In the beginning, the damage will barely be noticeable and it will be easy to even cover it up, but in the long run the damage will still be there whether we choose to cover it or not. Simply put, adding enough little stuff will turn into big stuff.

So sweat the little stuff, not in an anxious and stressful way, but in a “I won’t let this slide and pretend it didn’t happen” sort of way.

Or don’t sweat them, but be sure to make up for them. Fix all the little mistakes, the little chips in the tree bark before the damage gets so big that it takes down the entire tree.

Take care of all the scratches, the wounds, the injuries before they get “infected” and destroy everything.

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