Now You Know…So What?

WindmillsAfter reading my last post about worrying, someone said to me “I guess I’ve been running in place for some time now.” I replied: “Great! Now you know! Now what!” Don’t get me wrong knowing is a huge step, but knowing is only part of the story. Knowing is like the moment of inspiration for a sculptor or a painter, once you’ve had that moment of bliss, you still have to build the work of art.

Remember that having the information is completely useless if you do nothing with it. What good is all the knowledge in the world if it just sits on a shelf and collects dust. Knowledge is power only when it’s put to good use, otherwise it’s just scattered information.

Take your breakthrough moment and turn it into an inspiration for the life to come so that next time your old “worrying” ways come about, you know it’s only action that will get you out of it. Instead of doing nothing and worrying, now that you know, do something with that knowledge. Take the information and put it into practice, just like the sculptor who learns about form, concept, and proportions and then gets right into the action to create his masterpiece.

Now that you know, what will your masterpiece be?

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