Excuses, Excuses…

LazySleep1How many times have we all looked around and found excuses for not doing something? I usually work out in the morning before heading to work and yesterday morning when the alarm went off, I decided I was too tired for it. Now I’m not advocating missing out on sleep for a workout, but I had gone to bed at 10.30pm the night before…ugh! I guess that makes me either very old or very young, but definitely not in line with my current age. Yet, when I turned off the alarm on my phone, I told myself that I would just have to work out in the evening because I’m soooo tired. Now this time around, I did actually keep my promise and did my workout at the end of the day, but i can think of a number of other situations when I said I’d do something later and then I just ended up finding more excuses. Of course this is a silly example, but really how many times do we actually do that in our lives. We find all the reasons for which we can’t do something, whether real or not, and we amplify them until they become strong enough to make it justifiable that we didn’t do something.

And most importantly we prove ourselves right every time, we convince ourselves that our excuses are real and insurmountable to the point where they become such an integral part of reality that we don’t even consider the possibility that we simply just made them up a while back.

Now for the great news – since we’re the ones who made them up, who amplified them to this level, we are also the ones who can deconstruct them and tear them down. Look at your excuses, all the little reasons you tell yourself for which you can’t, how many of them would completely fall down if you simply refused to believe in them?

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